Merchant services are extremely important to companies that work both in the traditional sense and on the Internet. The job of merchant service providers is to connect merchants to ways of processing payments efficiently, securely, and cost efficiently. The fact of the matter is that most merchants do not have the capabilities to do this themselves, so they trust an provider to handle everything. When these merchants use, they are getting their hands on one of the safest and most secure payment gateways around. Everything is transmitted safely, securely, and within a matter of seconds. Credit cards, debit cards, and even online checks can be accepted using This flexibility also makes us the perfect solution for merchants and their payment service problems. works 24/7 and is never off line. The payment gateway is constantly monitored and upgraded, to ensure that any potential problems are taken care of. This allows merchants to be more secure and more appealing in terms of online business. The verified seal can be placed on a website like, that is using us as their payment network. When consumers see that is being used, they immediately feel safer in giving out their payment information.

The fees we charge are very fair, especially considering how much of a bonus working with Authorize is for most businesses. A one time fee of $99 is charged while setting up your payment gateway. An additional fee of $20 is charged every month. There is also a transaction fee of $0.10. While this may seem like a lot per transaction, it is nothing compared to the profits that businesses make because they have the ability to securely charge customers on their credit and debit cards. There are other value added services that you can get with If you want the advanced fraud detection suite, then it is $9.95 per month. In addition, you can get a customer information manager software that only sets you back $20 a month. You can read about these features in detail on our website. There is also an eCheck service that is available. If you want access to the best rates check out and sign up today.

With Authorize, you also get to access our great reseller program. We encourage businesses to use our reseller program, as this makes money for both Authorize and for you. We do our best to support resellers throughout the year, both with the initial set up and continually to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

When you resell authorize products, you are guaranteed to make a lot of money. There are terrific buy rates available from us, as well as many residual payments. Support and billing is handled by us, so that your costs are reduced.

If you want more information about how to get started with the reseller program, please visit our website

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