Keeping America clean is a big job. There are many different companies that specialize in a wide array of cleaning services. One of the services offered at is office cleaning and janitorial services by a well trained, experienced, and professional team. American Cleaning Service also offers carpet cleaning and window cleaning options, as well as disaster cleanup.

Carpet cleaning may involve deep steam treatment and is often done after normal business hours. Deep steam carpet cleaning may be necessary for high traffic areas of the office. Businesses that may benefit from carpet cleaning might include doctor’s offices, dentists, financial institutions and lawyers offices. Window cleaning is another service that is often provided by these companies. One benefit of hiring American Cleaning to clean your office windows would be that you no longer have to do it yourself, saving you time to do other important tasks. Many high-rise office buildings often hire professional window cleaners due to the high risk nature of the job. Hiring a licensed and bonded window cleaning company will keep your company safe from liability.

Another type of cleaning service involves disaster cleanup. Many things happen in life that we do not plan for. Natural disasters like flooding is one of those. Often when this happens we panic and do not know what to do. One quick call to your local disaster clean up specialist will put your mind at ease. Disaster cleanup is often covered by your property insurance and there may be no out of pocket expense depending on the amount of your deductible.

American Cleaning Service Co. offers quality cleaning services a and understand the importance of maintaining a clean work environment. Go online to or call 208-344–8464 to request more information or schedule a service. Do not hesitate to call a cleaning service near you.

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