Most people don’t realize just how important rain gutters from are to the health of their home and property. Improperly installed or damaged rain gutters can have a disastrous effect on a house and create a myriad of flooding problems. In fact, it is estimated that poor rain drainage accounts for up to 30 percent of the flooding problems homeowners are likely to face over the course of their lifetime.

Flooding is one of the problems caused by rain gutters that aren’t working correctly. This can cause water to seep through exterior walls or pool around the foundation of the house. If the foundation isn’t properly sealed, then this rain water can then seep into a person’s basement. The extra water around the foundation can also cause it to become severely cracked over time and this may in turn cause the foundation to fail sooner than it should. Water seepage through the exterior problems can also cause severe molding of the insulation. This can contribute to the growth of black mold and this presents a huge health problem.

Improperly functioning rain gutters can also result in significant erosion problems on the homeowner’s property. As rain water cascades from the roof, it can flow down the house and carry loose or unstable sections of dirt. Uncontrolled rain water can also damage garden plants and lawn sod.

All of these problems, however, can be corrected by the homeowner making sure that their gutters are not only installed correctly but are also undamaged. If a homeowner needs their gutters repaired, or are in need of having new gutters installed, then they can call All American Rain Gutter Co and have them address the problem. Doing so will not only ensure that the rain gutters are doing the job of removing water from the house, but will also ensure that this rainwater doesn’t cause one of the many problems it is capable of causing.

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