If an investor wannabe has all their “ducks-in-a-row” in terms of required paperwork, getting a commercial mortgage loan is often easier than a single family home loan. Mostly because of two words: Bridge Loans. The term “bridge loans” is not a commonly used term with many in the financing community; Think banks, credit unions and mortgage brokers. The reasoning is simple enough. It’s a specialty type of “interim financing” and no lender knows the “bridge loan” game better than A10 Capital.

The bridge loan process is relatively simple. A borrower involved in a commercial real estate purchase that needs funds to make a “quick” escrow closing, or takes advantage of some interim short-term financing to keep a project moving forward. Then at some future date, secure a permanent loan to cover all the bridge loan expenses when the property is sold or refinanced using other traditional financing like banks or better yet, an SBA government insured loan.

Securing a bridge loan involves timing, in terms of troubles that can suddenly arise in the phases of any construction project. Or perhaps even running a bit short of cash to complete a certain business purchase. These are times when a borrower should look to the sky and spot that “bridge loan” parachute floating down from www.a10capital.com with enough commercial real estate financing for qualified borrowers to end the frustration, and sleepless nights. Even though bridge loans are a bit more expensive than the usual suspects: banks and credit unions, several other compensating factors loom large when a bridge loan lender like A10 Capital enters the picture. Quick action on closing the deal with a relatively small amount of documentation comes to mind.

Bridge loan specialists like A10 Capital are what is called in the financing parlance: “void-fillers.” They fill commercial property lending gaps that other lenders don’t or won’t. And often they can provide the necessary funds from one million and up usually on a case-by-case-basis.

So what is your need?
* A bridge loan to carry your project through the permit process?
* A bridge loan for your commercial business operation during tough times?
* A bridge loan on a foreclosure that must be completed quickly?
Regardless of whether it’s a cash-out refinance, construction loan take-out, or a property exiting a bankruptcy, a bridge loan is your best ace-in-the-whole. And http://www.a10capital.com has the deck of cards to play with.

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