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Commercial real estate financing is the engine that drives investment opportunities for people interested in acquiring commercial properties. Banks and specialty lending companies are engaged in making these loans. Investment banking companies are also finding this business to be lucrative. Individual investors who have formed an investment company are also a source for commercial real estate financing.

The commercial real estate is used to secure a commercial mortgage. The borrowers are customarily a group of individuals that may have formed a partnership, or some other form of a legally recognized business entity.

A non-recourse commercial mortgage means that should the investors default in payment of the mortgage the creditor can only seize the collateral that was provided to secure the mortgage. A non-recourse mortgage does not provide for a further claim against the borrowers. Mortgages that have been structured for sale as bonds will allow the lender to take the property immediately even if bankruptcy proceedings are under way.

Commercial real estate loans are very similar to commercial mortgages. They differ in that the commercial loans offer more flexibility about the use and the terms. This depends on the lender and the borrower’s relationship with the lender if a bank is the lender. Many banks make commercial real estate loans, so it would be important to have a relationship with the bank.

A bridge loan is a convenient means of covering the period of time before an existing property can close and the new property purchase must be finalized. These loans are more costly, but they serve a valuable purpose in closing a deal that has long term potential.

A10 Capital is known for full service lending that includes all aspects of the loan business. This includes underwriting, origination, closing and servicing.
Investors are finding that there are good sources of financing if they find a viable investment. Of course, the stronger the balance sheet of the investment group, the more likely they are to find the best terms.

Serious car and truck lovers choose only the best and most reliable in their accessories. When it comes to choosing a ramp accessory for your car, whether to perform maintenance, detailing, or to just show off your baby, it pays to go with the best. Having a solid ramp means safety. Having a solid ramp designed for enthusiasts like yourself means attractive design on top of that. offers the best in both style and function for car ramps, particularly for low profile cars. We offer ramps for everything from maintenance, trailer extensions, to display and long term storage. Each is made for a specific use using innovative, patented design, and manufactured with pride in the United States.

Offering innovations from Brute Industries, these ramps are lightweight and easy to use. Why fuss with heavy, clunky ramps, when you can take advantage of the light weight and easy handling of a ramp made by Brute Industries? No matter what flat surface they are used on, be it sand, grass or a pristine showroom, these ramps will not sink, scuff, or slip. Because our ramps are all but indestructible, they are wise investments in your vehicle that will pay off time and again.

Race Ramps were created specifically with low profile cars in mind. No other ramp on the market is as friendly to low profile cars as these. If you like to keep your chassis on the extreme down low, we offer the solid construction and features that you need. Low pro cars sit pretty on our ramps, and feature removable slopes and extensions to allow easy side access. Whether you’re working on your low profile pride and joy, loading it into a trailer for hauling, or are just showing it off, our ramps were made for you in mind.

Keeping America clean is a big job. There are many different companies that specialize in a wide array of cleaning services. One of the services offered at is office cleaning and janitorial services by a well trained, experienced, and professional team. American Cleaning Service also offers carpet cleaning and window cleaning options, as well as disaster cleanup.

Carpet cleaning may involve deep steam treatment and is often done after normal business hours. Deep steam carpet cleaning may be necessary for high traffic areas of the office. Businesses that may benefit from carpet cleaning might include doctor’s offices, dentists, financial institutions and lawyers offices. Window cleaning is another service that is often provided by these companies. One benefit of hiring American Cleaning to clean your office windows would be that you no longer have to do it yourself, saving you time to do other important tasks. Many high-rise office buildings often hire professional window cleaners due to the high risk nature of the job. Hiring a licensed and bonded window cleaning company will keep your company safe from liability.

Another type of cleaning service involves disaster cleanup. Many things happen in life that we do not plan for. Natural disasters like flooding is one of those. Often when this happens we panic and do not know what to do. One quick call to your local disaster clean up specialist will put your mind at ease. Disaster cleanup is often covered by your property insurance and there may be no out of pocket expense depending on the amount of your deductible.

American Cleaning Service Co. offers quality cleaning services a and understand the importance of maintaining a clean work environment. Go online to or call 208-344–8464 to request more information or schedule a service. Do not hesitate to call a cleaning service near you.

Are you tired of trying to find the right professional team to handle your front and back office solutions? Well, you can stop looking the other way and start turning your head towards It’s simple to imagine how many professional services are available to you and your company locally, so just imagine if you had the web on your team! The Admin Center offers virtual receptionists and virtual office assistants. With a 14 day free trial you’ve got nothing to lose. Allow me to scrape up the benefits for you.

Corporate Event Planning:
It doesn’t matter if you’re hosting a grand opening, new years eve party, or an employee of the month celebration, understands how important perfection is to you and your company. TheAdminCenter possess’s the proper knowledge of how multiple types of industries operate, and can meet you beyond your expectations for planning any type of small or large corporate event.

Answering Service:
TheAdminCenter also offers answering services on the behalf of your company. But wait, they go above and beyond, they also offer outbound calling. That’s right, if you need a personal professional that is friendly and can provide excellent customer relations skills, you got it. TheAdminCenter has a team of pros that are available to reach out to your customers and be sure they’re always satisfied.

Payroll Service & Accounting:
TheAdminCenter completely understand the fact that payroll and accounting (including book keeping) can seem like a task that never ends, which can often be a distraction to you jumping in front of other important business aspects. That’s why they offer you the professional services from a team that’ll handle this area of administration.

Let The Admin Center help you today. Duties include: Virtual receptionist, outbound calling, clerical work, event planning, printing and marketing, human resources, financial reporting, and even basic IT functions. Anything your business is missing, TheAdminCenter has got you covered.

Aside from computers, nothing has revolutionized the methods of accounting like accounting software applications has. Just a few decades ago accounting was done manually using pencils and ledgers and could only be done by individuals trained in this field. Today accounting is done on computers, requiring less skills, but knowledge of the application. Thanks to developers, accounting systems can be managed by anyone who understands accounting principals and knows how to use the accounting software.

There are many types of accounting software programs to chose from. Accounting applications or programs are designed with specific functions to meet different needs. These programs range from small personal accounting applications to huge corporate accounting systems. There are also applications purposely designed for nonprofit organizations as well as for other types of organizations such as government, political, and educational organizations.

Nonprofit accounting applications differ significantly from other business accounting applications because nonprofit organizations functions are different from for-profit organizations or businesses. Unlike for-profit businesses, nonprofits operate solely on donations and grants, therefore a thorough tracking system is implemented for each donor and for every dollar received and spent. Budget management, grant tracking, finance balancing, e-banking, and e-payment, are other important functionalities for nonprofit accounting software.

Business accounting software is far more complex than nonprofit accounting software. Different types and different size businesses require distinct software features and functions. The larger the firm, the more features and functions are needed to successfully run the business.

Cougar Mountain provide customized accounting solutions to meet all business, nonprofits, payroll, and retail accounting needs. We integrate accounting modules to best meet each company‘s requirements. Our accounting applications include the following modules:

  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Donor Tracking
  • Fixed Assets
  • Inventory Control:
  • Job Cost
  • Payroll
  • Point of Sale and
  • Purchase Order

In addition to developing accounting software for businesses and organizations, we also offer integrated and interfaced POS software for retailers. Our award winning POS application has built-in functions and features to meet any company’s sales needs. Some of the main features and functions include:

  • Posting Sales
  • Inventory Adjusting
  • Inventory Labeling
  • Inventory (Multi-Locations) and
  • Compiling and Printing Reports

The current hot topic in the world of telecommunications, especially as it relates to the business world, is “unified communications”, abbreviated as “UC.” It means being able to have a unified infrastructure for different types of communication, whether it be analog or digital voice signals, text messages, or video. It is also the means to being able to have different types of devices that can connect to this infrastructure. Those devices may range from soft phones, to smart phones equipped with web cams, to tablets, and to multi-line PBX business phones.

One of the leaders in the UC field is IntelePeer. They use SIP trunking, which enables cloud communications, so businesses don’t have to house all of the phone switching and other equipment on-site. Their approach leads to high quality voice calls that utilizes public key encryption for security. That means that voice traffic can be routed over a companies data and Internet connections.

While UC provides the backbone, so to speak, hardware for enabling the communications is still necessary. For this, many companies use the product made by the communications company Avaya called “IP Office.” It is a small to medium business phone system that allows a company to start with as few as five employees, with room to grow up to 1000 employees at a single site. It also allows for up to 32 locations to be networked together. It will inter-operate with many of the other Avaya systems as well.

IntelePeer is an “Avaya DevConnect” technology partner, as well. In addition to cost savings on communications, the Avaya IP Office features desk phones that are energy-efficient. The system also features a 128-party conference bridge that is built-in; which allows a business to stop paying a monthly conference fee if that was a previous monthly expense. The system also has the ability make it easier to use video conferencing and collaboration with a variety of devices. It also has ways to enable redundancy, whether it be routing calls to another office or having a redundant server installed. There are different components to the system, depending on a companies needs. There are also specific solutions and hardware available based on specific types of industry. Those range from education, or health care, to those in state or local governments.